VEN is a dynamic and fast growing company in the field of Waste Management and Alternative Fuel Production. It is a member of V Group which embodies an experience of more than 70 years in the service of shipping industry and the protection of sea and land from environmental hazards.

V Group also includes Antipollution S.A., leader in the field of Port Reception Facilities in Greece and active in Emergency Response Services worldwide, Greek Environmental & Energy Network S.A (Green), an Energy Trading Company with considerable growth in Greece and South East Europe, as well as VEN Energy S.A., a fast growing company with expertise in the field of Renewable Energy Sources.

Staying focused on international developments in environmental sector, we expanded further, in order to provide a high standard of integrated environmental services and remain unwavering in our commitment to operating sustainably and protecting the environment.


What Makes VEN Different 


VEN is a major contributor to Greek industry initiatives on improving waste management services and invests considerable time and effort to remain at the forefront of industry standards. This philosophy and commitment to be an active contributor to industry best practice is now extended to our Hazardous Waste Handling Facility which shall unveil our Alternative Fuels and Alternative Raw Material production from Hazardous Wastes. 


VEN is a major contributor to Greek Industry Initiatives on improving Waste Management Services with the objective of achieving the highest levels of Health and Safety Standards