VEN is a major contributor to the improvement of Waste Management standards in Greece. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero – waste model of operations and establish a Circular Economy.

VEN is one of the leading companies in the industry of Waste Management and Alternative Fuel Production.

Offsetting our website CO2 footprint

Our company offsets voluntarily the CO2 emissions generated by the use of this website through the certified Sierra Leone Safe Water Project. Through this process, we practically contribute to reducing our footprint while simultaneously enhancing sustainability



VEN operates a hazardous waste processing unit for the production of alternative fuel and alternative raw materials. The plant is capable of treating 30.000 t of HW and covers an area of 3,300 m². Its unique design and innovative technologies, constitute it as one of the most modern and competitive hazardous waste management units in South-eastern Europe. In an adjacent area of the same facility, there is a unit dedicated to the reception and storage of hazardous waste.

The company also operates a Refuse Derived Fuel & Solid Recovered Fuel (RDF/SRF) production facility, located in Aspropyrgos. Our SRF production facility consists of a storage area, production area and a fully equipped Laboratory. Our intention is to further optimize and modernize its operation, as well as increase and improve the production of RDF.