At VEN we are constantly working towards a zero-waste, sustainable future

Our integrated waste management services reflect our dedication to Zero Waste. Using the latest technologies, we are able to treat all kinds of waste effectively. We invest in advanced technologies in order to reduce the waste directed for disposal, in accordance with relevant guidelines set by the EU. We promote and implement recycling and recovery, through a separation process in our facilities, in order to produce alternative fuel from Hazardous and non-Hazardous waste streams.


Hazardous Waste Management

VEN is fully licensed for the collection and transportation of hazardous waste, in compliance with the terms and conditions provided by National and European Legislation. Our company offers highly competitive, environmentally – friendly services, with the goal of developing long – term collaborations with its clients and contributing to a sustainable future.

The company is able to conduct sampling analyses, classification, packaging, labelling and transportation of hazardous waste from its source and/or any location in which it has been temporarily stored, to authorized facilities in Greece.

Furthermore, VEN is capable of undertaking the entire process of the trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste to authorized final disposal facilities based in the EU, according to European Legislation (EC 1013/2006) and the Basel Convention.

Non Hazardous Waste Management

VEN invests in advanced technologies, in order to reduce the amount of waste led to landfills – in respect to relevant guidelines set by the EU, making use of the newest techniques and best practices available.

Our company recycles and recovers materials including paper, plastic, wood, metal etc., using a separation process in its state-of-the-art facilities. The residue goes through a different process, by which it is transformed into alternative fuel (RDF). Thanks to the continuous research on advanced technologies, we are able to offer complete solutions for the collection, transportation and treatment/or final disposal, of all kinds of waste.

VEN has obtained all relevant permits for the management of waste streams and is fully compliant with both Greek and European Legislation.

Recycling and Recovery

Recycling is one of VEN’s main business operations, underlining its deep environmental commitment. Recycling contributes to the conservation and maintenance of vital raw materials and is key to the preservation of fragile ecosystems.

VEN uses recovery processes to generate new products from recycled materials, effectively reducing the amount of waste residue sent to landfills. This is especially important once we take the saturation of landfills into account, not to mention their alarming contribution to methane emissions worldwide.

VEN consistently promotes the benefits of recycling, highlighting its key role in the protection of our planet. To this end, the company shares its expertise with each of its clients, always adhering to the specific requirements of each of the materials at hand, which are then separated, recovered and utilized in its processing Plants.

Alternative Fuel Production

Apart from recycling, VEN treats non – recyclable residue fractions, in an effort to maximize recovery output and minimize waste disposal.

The residue is directed to VEN’s state-of-the-art processing plants and transformed into alternative fuel of high calorific value, through a sophisticated treatment process. Once the process is complete, SRF and RDF are customized and made available to each of our licensed recipients.

As a result of its constant growth and ever – increasing investments, VEN is able to produce alternative fuel from hazardous waste, enhancing its zero-waste philosophy, minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfills and promoting the replacement of fossil fuels. All of the above, stand in line with the company’s prioritization of environmental protection and its dedication to providing sustainable waste management services of the highest quality.

Industrial Waste Management

Industrial waste refers to any type of waste that is a product of industrial activity. This includes several types of materials that are discarded during the manufacturing and production process (chemical waste, industrial solid waste and toxic waste).

Handling/Final Disposal of Off-Specification Products & Distressed Cargo

Using the latest relevant equipment our company is able to facilitate the handling of products that fall out of specifications or have expired, either within, or beyond our facilities. Waste that is generated through this process is transported to the licensed final recipient.

Soil Remediation

Decontamination services by chemical reaction, disinfection, or physical removal. Tailor made developments of “in-situ” and “ex-situ” decontamination projects. VEN Engineering recruits waste management specialists and experienced field engineers who can provide high level monitoring
and supervision, supporting with detailed technical reporting complex and demanding remediation projects.