Our People

Our people are our most valuable resource, essential to the achievement of our strategic goals and the implementation of our growth business plans.

Our team is consisted of highly skilled employees and experts, ready to provide comprehensive services and customized solutions.

We are committed to helping our personnel grow, both professionally and personally, through clear goal setting, continuous coaching and open communication, while at the same time encouraging unlimited enhancement of skills and competencies. 

In VEN we strongly believe in each individual’s potential and particularly value innovation and enthusiasm. We take steps to enhance the engagement of our people through transparent, fair and human-centric practices.

Training and Development

Extensive training of all VEN employees ensures that every task will be executed safely, accurately and professionally. The company has established a working competence management system.

Delivering high quality solutions is always about the personnel involved in the process. People are the most critical element of the process. The company maintains a comprehensive competence development program for its field personnel, engineers and management to ensure that all training received is put into practice safely and correctly.

This development program now extends to VEN School training to ensure that there is competence at all levels within the organization. The company can demonstrate that all personnel have appropriately assessed skills to deliver specialized services/tasks.