Sustainability Report 2020

We proudly present V Group’s Sustainability Report for 2020 that highlights our approach to sustainable development, performance, priorities, and objectives for the coming years.

We, at VEN Engineering, member of V Group, are fully committed to continuously contribute to a positive change and address longer-term challenges by keeping our approach to sustainability at the heart of the way we do business.


Our CSR Policy

Acting responsibly is integrated into our overall purpose, values, business strategy and processes. We acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibility when providing high quality services that create value for our customers, employees, shareholders and the society.

Corporate Governance

VEN strives to conduct its business in an ethical and responsible way supporting the transition to a more sustainable model, while remaining profitable and growing its business activity.

Beyond the expected compliance with national and international legislation and regulations, we strongly believe that is our responsibility to set the highest standards in terms of ethics, business integrity and sustainability. Our company is committed to fair and open competition and comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws.

We are committed to respecting and supporting the human rights of all individuals potentially affected by our operations. Treating all employees, customers and others with respect, fairness, dignity and free from harassment and discrimination is our key principle, as well as the transparency in our business policies and practices.


Our continuing commitment is to behave ethically and contribute to economic development, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families, as well as of the local community and society at large.

Providing our people with opportunities and encouragement to grow and develop means that we have an engaged workforce with the skills required for the future.

We promote innovation and build strong relationships, engaging with our stakeholders through dialogue which helps us understand what is expected of our business, what is important to our stakeholders and the local community and how we can solve common challenges and invest in the future.

Our goal is to generate profits by benefitting the community and the society as a whole.


We are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment and our policies and practices keep environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do. 

Our goal is to provide a positive impact on the environment and society by adopting sustainable practices that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Innovation and advanced technologies are utilized to increase production efficiency, efficient use of resources and contribute to the sustainability business performance development and circular economy.

We aim to offer a safe working environment in accordance with international standards and we encourage our employees to carry out their duties in a resource efficient way and actively support our policies and objectives within the remit of their role.

Human Capital

We place the top priority to occupational health and safety and implement measures to build a safe and comfortable work environment, including improving the safety of facilities and working conditions and ensuring compliance with safety rules. We recognize that providing a safe and healthy work environment is fundamental to a productive and competitive work environment.

We are committed to helping our personnel grow, both professionally and personally, through clear goal setting, continuous coaching, training opportunities and open communication, while at the same time encouraging unlimited enhancement of skills and competencies.

Our people are our true source of growth and innovation and it is our constant commitment to maintain a corporate culture that prioritizes both professional and personal development as two major factors contributing to an individual’s success. 


Our Awareness Initiatives

Deppy Vasileiadis Foundation

An important part of our responsibility is to actively give something back. We do this through a series of charities and initiatives which are broadly linked to the themes of community support and assisting people who have limited opportunities. 

Most of these actions are operated by Deppy Vasileiadis (DV) Foundation, the philanthropic branch of V Group, which supports organizations and implements programs that cultivate respect for the natural environment and its habitats.