Our Mission Statement

“To provide exceptional services whilst adhering to the circular economy model, prioritizing environmental protection and supporting local communities”

In VEN we are focused on creating a safe working environment where our workforce is encouraged to step up, take initiative and act responsibly – with respect to their own health and safety, as well as that of their colleagues.

The way in which all our operations are designed, guarantees the prioritization of safe working practices, avoiding any risk to our workforce, the environment, or the public at all costs.

In an effort to ensure that HSSE is incorporated in our company’s daily practices, we have clearly defined roles for each member of our team, delegating responsibilities and regularly outlining the accountability of each individual involved in the operation of our facilities. Furthermore, we make a point of involving all management levels in HSSE matters, in an effort to facilitate the communication of our company strategy and vision and align HSSE with other business goals, and vice versa.