In VEN we are working towards a zero-waste sustainable future

Our integrated waste management services reflect our dedication to Zero Waste. Using the latest technology, we are able to treat all kinds of waste. We invest on advanced technologies in order to reduce the waste directed for disposal in respect to relevant guidelines by the EU. We promote and implement recycling and recovery, via a separation process in our facilities in order to produce alternative fuel from Hazardous and non-Hazardous waste streams.


Hazardous Waste Management

VEN is fully licensed for the collection and transportation of hazardous waste in accordance with terms and conditions provided by National and European Legislation and offers comprehensive and competitive services, in an environmentally sound manner, aiming at the establishment of a long term cooperation with each client and the promotion of sustainability.

The company can conduct sampling analyses, classification, packaging, labelling and transportation of hazardous waste from the source produced and/or temporary stored to authorized facilities in Greece.

Furthermore, VEN can undertake the whole procedure related to the trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste to authorized final disposal facilities based in the EU, according to European Legislation (EC 1013/2006) and Basel Convention.

Non Hazardous Waste Management

VEN invests in advanced technologies in order to reduce the amount of waste led to landfills in respect to relevant guidelines by the EU and the best practices and techniques available.

Our company promotes and implements recycling and recovery of materials such as paper, plastic, wood, metal etc via a separation process in our state-of-the-art facilities. The residue is routed to a different process in order to produce a form of alternative fuel (RDF). Thanks to the continuous research on advanced technologies we are able to offer complete solutions for the collection, transportation and treatment or final disposal of all kinds of waste.

VEN holds all required permits for the management of waste streams, fully compliant with applicable national and the EU Legislation.

Recycling and Recovery

Recycling is one of VEN main business operations, underlining our deep environmental commitment. Recycling contributes to the conservation and maintenance of vital raw materials as well as contributing significantly to the preservation of the ecosystem.

Via recovery processes, recyclable materials are processed and new products generated, finally leading to minimum quantity of waste residue led to landfills. This requirement is even more imperative, nowadays, taking into account the saturation that landfills are facing but also their contribution to the production of methane, one of the Greenhouse gasses.

Our company constantly promotes recycling and its beneficial impact on the natural environment, offering its clients the expertise and guidelines for its implementation, always in full compliance with the legislation. To this end, depending on the specific requirements, our company provides its clients with the proper equipment for each type of material, which are separated, recovered and utilized in our Plants.

Alternative Fuel Production

VEN, apart from recycling, proceeds to treatment of non-recyclable residue fractions in order to promote recovery operations and minimize waste disposal.

The residue is directed to our state of the art plants and, through sophisticated treatment process, high calorific value alternative fuel is produced. RDF/SRF with suitable physicochemical properties is then made available to licensed recipients. New investments enable VEN to produce alternative fuel from hazardous waste, enhancing our zero-waste philosophy.

This approach, besides minimizing waste to landfills, promotes replacement of fossil fuels in the direction of Environmental protection and Sustainable waste management.

Industrial Waste Management

Industrial waste denotes anything that is produced by different types of industrial activity. Including different types of materials that are discarded during the manufacturing and production process – chemical waste, industrial solid waste and toxic waste – this type of waste is generated in mines, mills and factories, like packaging materials, plastics, food processing, paper, wood factories etc.

Handling/Final Disposal of Off-Specification Products & Distressed Cargo

Using the very latest technology equipment, our company is able to offer off-specification product handling services. Our mobile equipment allows us to facilitate the handling of products that fall out of specifications or have expired, inside or outside our facilities. Waste that is generated by this process is transported to the licensed final recipient.