Impressive growth for Ven Engineering

With a dynamic new profile, Ven Engineering enters the new year having completed its most successful year to date and even bigger goals for 2023. Kostis Theodorou, who holds a rich resume in the industry, has been appointed as President and CEO.

The company is moving at a fast pace, important elements being the increased operation of the ‘Ritsona’ plant to international standards and the expansion of the factory with new buildings in Aspropyrgos.

Ven Engineering is specialized in waste management and alternative fuel production and is now facing a tremendous development. Especially in the area of hazardous waste management is now among the strongest companies in SouthEastern Europe.

V Group President, Mr. Vyron Vasileiadis, recently visited the company’s facilities in Ritsona and Aspropyrgos and met the employees of the factories. In Aspropyrgos he had the opportunity to be informed of the progress of the works, to attend the holy ceremony, and to make a symbolic gesture by placing a gold coin on the foundations of the new building units.