VEN Engineering at Attica Green Expo

The country’s largest eco event, the Attica Green Expo, took place at the Tae Kwon Do Stadium from 24-27 May for the second consecutive year. This environmental and social fair serves as a platform to connect citizens with public and private entities.

The exhibition attracted over 27,000 visitors, and it featured more than 90 exhibitors with 20 thematic tables and 800 speakers. Notably, more than 10,000 students from schools in Attica attended the expo, engaging in interactive experiences to learn about the benefits of recycling and the principles of circular economy.

VEN Engineering participated in the Attica Green Expo with its own booth. VEN executives took part in various thematic panels, where they shared their insights on crucial topics such as waste management, processing, sustainable development, and the circular economy.

Furthermore, VEN organized educational interactive sessions at its booth, where our executives engaged with children to explain the waste stream and recycling processes. By teaching kids about sustainability, VEN aimed to instill a sense of responsibility in them, emphasizing the importance of conserving resources and minimizing waste. This approach helps foster an appreciation for our planet and its beauty, ensuring its preservation for future generations.

Additionally, VEN had the opportunity to present its business pillars to municipal representatives who attended or visited the exhibition. Approximately 60 municipalities participated in the Attica Green Expo, showcasing their commitment to a greener transition. VEN executives engaged in discussions with these representatives, exploring potential collaborations towards a more sustainable future.

Moreover, VEN Engineering received recognition for its contributions to the circular economy. VEN executives spread the message of sustainability, seeking to inspire positive change within our communities and beyond. They engaged in discussions with expo visitors and participants, hosted informative panels featuring experienced speakers on environmental issues, and provided detailed videos and insightful materials to promote awareness and understanding.