Suez Canal Authority official visit to Ven Engineering, Ritsona, Greece

In a testament to international cooperation and maritime solidarity, the Suez Canal Authority, under the leadership of His Excellency Admiral Osama Rabie, embarked on a significant visit to the facilities of Ven Engineering, member of the V Group of Companies located in Ritsona, Greece. This remarkable visit not only strengthened the bond between the Suez Canal Authority and V Group of Companies but also underscored the vital role played by both entities in ensuring the smooth operation of newly established Antipollution Egypt.

The visit by the Suez Canal Authority delegation, led by Admiral Osama Rabie, to the facilities of Ven Engineering in Ritsona, Greece, marked a milestone in the collaboration between the two entities. Recognizing the mutual benefits derived from cooperation, the visit aimed to foster deeper ties, exchange expertise, and explore avenues for further cooperation in the maritime industry.

Suez Canal Authority, led by Admiral Osama Rabie, oversees the management, operation, and development of the Suez Canal, a vital link connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. As one of the busiest and most strategic waterways globally, the canal enables seamless trade flows between Europe, Asia, and Africa. The authority’s continuous efforts to ensure the safe passage of vessels and optimize the canal’s capacity have been instrumental in facilitating global trade and bolstering the economies of numerous nations.

During the visit, Admiral Osama Rabie and the Suez Canal Authority delegation had the opportunity to witness firsthand the state-of-the-art facilities and advanced engineering capabilities of Ven Engineering. They were impressed by the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. The delegation engaged in productive discussions with Ven Engineering’s management and technical experts, exchanging knowledge and experiences to further enhance the quality of services provided to vessels transiting the Suez Canal.